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Silver Marcasite Jewelry Manufacturer Thailand

by | Apr 5, 2017

Marvel Jewelry

Exclusive, high quality Silver Jewelry for medium to high-end markets

About Us

We take great pride in being a crucial component of your business success by consistently providing the highest quality silver jewelry that your customers will adore. Consider us as your trusted and reliable partner in silver jewelry manufacturing. We will handle every aspect of the manufacturing process so that you can focus on marketing, creating new designs, and boosting sales. If you have your own designs, we will collaborate with you from product development to delivering the final product to you. We welcome constructive feedback and are happy to work with you to customize the jewelry until you are completely satisfied.

Exclusive Marcasite Jewelry

We specialize in designing and manufacturing silver jewelry with marcasite. You are welcome to visit our design showcase.

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Maintaining the highest level of quality is and always will be our top priority. Our skilled craftsmen possess extensive expertise in their craft. Each piece of jewelry undergoes rigorous inspections and must meet our strict standards before being shipped from our factory, ensuring that the jewelry you receive is of the finest and most qualified quality.


We hold our customers in high regard and treat each one with the respect they deserve. The products we provide, whether it be our designs or custom designs created by you, will be exclusively yours. We understand the importance of market exclusivity and we will not supply the same design to any other party that targets the same market as you.

Marcasite Expert

Marcasite jewelry is our area of specialization, with over 10,000 unique designs to our credit. We are dedicated to this craft and constantly strive to improve our skills and expertise in marcasite jewelry design and manufacturing.


We are a versatile and agile team of 50-70 members who are committed to putting in the extra effort to work closely with our customers to tailor designs to their every specification. We are happy to invest the time to customize and refine designs until they meet your exact requirements.

Our Factory

With all production processes carried out in-house, our fully-equipped factory enables us to maintain full control over every aspect of the jewelry-making process, thus ensuring that our final products meet the highest of standards. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with all the necessary tools, machinery and expertise required, including hand-drawn and CAD designs, 3D printer, laser marking, lost wax casting, polishing, oxidation and more. Additionally, our extensive network of stone and gemstone suppliers worldwide allow us to bring your jewelry design concepts to fruition in the most cost-efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are common queries that we receive frequently. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page or by email. We are prompt in responding and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you sell by gram or by piece?

We position ourselves to target medium to high-end market only. This is why we sell only by piece. However, we can give you a weight and the calculated per gram price for each design.

What is your minimum order?
5-10 pcs per style, ~$3,000 USD total order amount
How long is your production lead time?
Our average production lead time is 6 weeks